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How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof Course

Down 4 inches in the waist on this incredibly practical plan!!

As a father of 4 young children and in my 40s, I needed to get into better shape.But I also didn’t want to spend hours every week in the gym at the expense of my kids and my wife.Plus, I wanted to eat foods I love. And Tim has nailed it…I can eat carbs, proteins, fats… HECK, I’ve even been able to factor in a beer or two.The results: I’ve gone from a 36 inch pants to a 32 that require a belt to wear.I would highly recommend Tim’s program to any Dad looking to get back into shape.*

W. Ravenscraft

Incredibly simple and effective plan that works as promised

I had been sedentary for the past six months and lost most of my previous muscle mass and tone. Worse, I was in pain and walked like an old man. After only twelve weeks of following Tim’s plan, I’ve regained almost all the strength and muscle I’d lost. As a middle aged man, both my wife and I are thrilled to see my body return to its previous fighting form. Best of all, I have no pain whatsoever and spring up the steps (or any other obstacle) like I could twenty years ago. Thank you, Tim, for helping me reclaim my youthful body and get into the best shape of my life!*

R. Jenner

Become lean, strong and bulletproof!

Tim’s advice is simple: it doesn’t need to be hard, and anyone can do it. He covers the way to establish a sound motivation, and then explains how to create a simple plan so that it forms parts of your regular week. Nothing crazy, nothing hardcore, just slow, simple steps that really work.It’s a well-written (and, at times, humorous) guide that teaches you to slowly shift just a few small things in your life and build on your progress week by week.By then, you’re well on your way to becoming strong, lean and bulletproof.Highly recommended.*

M. Davenport

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